Drink Against Drunkenness: the life and times of Sasha Soldatow


Sasha Soldatow (1947–2006) was known for his provocations, parties, and performances as much as for his bold writings, anarchist activism, and the artworks he gifted to his numerous friends. Devoted to friendship, gossip, art, and defying censorship, he participated in underground publishing, action for inner-city housing and tenants’ rights, prisoners’ rights and prison reform. His writing remains impressive today; he wrote two books of uncompromisingly modernist prose (Private — Do Not Open and Mayakovsky in Bondi), a scholarly introduction to the poetry of Harry Hooton, and an ‘autobiography’, Jump Cuts, co-authored with Christos Tsiolkas, one of the many writers he mentored. The story of his life is also one of post-war migration, a generation’s search for liberation, and one more vodka. HERE is the DaD page http://www.inezbaranay.com/?books=drink-against-drunkenness-the-life-and-times-of-sasha-soldatow

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ISBN 978-0-646-86685-7

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ISBN is 978-0-646-86685-7






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