Journal Articles since 2000

“Belonging on the Borders”

Coolabah, No. 21, 2017, ISSN 1988-5946,

Australian Studies Centre, University of Barcelona

“Transcultural Space and the writer”

Humanities 2016, 5(2), 28

“Questions of Identity”

Journal of the European Association for Studies of Australia (JEASA), Vol.6 No.1, 2015.

“The Idea of Europe”

Antipodes December 2011

“How the French Riviera became Byron Bay”

(on writing With The Tiger and an extract from the novel) Northerly Magazine July-August 2011

“Orchids: my intersex adventure”

film review Metro Magazine No. 169 pp 86–88


“Scene Stealers”

An article about literary borrowings and my novel With The Tiger
Review, The Weekend Australian, July 1-2, 2006, page 2

“At last a job”

Getting Smart: the battle over ideas in education, Griffith Review 11, Feb 2006, ABC Books.

*An abbreviated version of “At last a job” was published as “Just a casual, but with a weighty workload” in the Higher Education supplement of The Australian February 8, 2006 p 32-33

“Surprise Us”

Review of Kevin Brophy’s Explorations in Creative Writing. Coppertales: a Journal of Rural Arts. No. 10 2006 p90-91

“It’s the other who makes my portrait: Writing self, character and the other”

TEXT Vol 8 No. 2 October 2004

“Multiculturalism, globalisation and worldliness: origin and destination of the text”

JASAL (Journal of the Association for the Study of Australian Literature) Vol. 3 2004

“Writing, standing on your head”

Griffith Review, Winter 2004, p.245-249

“Not such bitter dreams”

The publication of Neem Dreams in India.
Australian Author Volume 34, Number 1, April 2002:p.10-16

“Fraught Territory”

Meanjin, Papua New Guinea Issue, Volume 62, number 3, 2003: p.223-229

“Sun Square Moon: Discovering Neem; Mr Ketkar”

LiNQ, Volume 29, No 2, 2002: p.74-82

“The meaning of India : Early travels”

Southerly, Volume 62, Number 1, 2002: p.152-160

“Paralipsis: money drugs and sex”

TEXT Vol 6 No 1 April 2002

“Acting Up: the new activism”

Australian writers respond to the refugee issue.
Australian Author Volume 34, Number 1, April 2002:p.10-

“Indian Specific: Letter from Madras”

Australian Author Volume 33, Number 2, August 2001: p34

“Mastered: Writing by Degrees”

Creative writing in universities
Australian Author Volume 32, Number 3, April 2000: p10-15

“Orchids: my intersex adventure”

Film review Metro Magazine No. 169 pp 86–88
5B Review of Orchids in Metro

“A Long Way From Katrina”

lrb blog 14 Feb 2011

“On the Brisbane River”

lrb blog

“Small Pleasures:

Looking for Love in Little Deaths” film review Metro Magazine No. 167 p. 26-29

“Het beeld van Europa”

Flemish translation of “The Idea of Europe”, PEN-Tijdingen (Belgium PEN newsletter), January 2010

“Writing Lessons: Settings”

Griffith Review Edition 26: Stories for Today” 2009

“The academic underclass”

Griffith Review Autumn Edition 11 2006 p 39-49
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