New book: sun square moon has arrived

Now that I’ve got a blog I’ve had to decide what to write here. No book reviews, literary journalism, political comment, personal diary, links to cool sites, reports on the culture. Plenty of that already out there. This will only be about my writing and publishing. Naturally I’ll reply to any questions that come up here.

Today, finally, boxes of my new book arrived. I self-published an edition of sun square moon: writings on yoga and writing – this has been ready to publish for over two years. The Indian edition, contracted to Rupa (publisher of my last novel Neem Dreams) has been endlessly delayed. I’ll be selling these through my new distributor Kathryn Johnson, who will offer online ordering as well as supplying bookshops (listed on the site). Am glad for the completion; I expect to do more writing in this area – looking at yoga from a writer’s point of view and at writing from a yoga student’s.

Meanwhile, and relevantly, I’ve been looking at the final edits on a chapter on Self Publishing I wrote for a book on academic publishing. Not that my publishing is academic. I’ll put the piece up on my site after the book is out. Another article I’ve been writing is on the casualisation of academic work in Australian universities.

On Friday I’m off to Melbourne, to give a workshop on yoga and writing at the Victorian Writers Centre. In the following days I’ll be attending the “Beyond Borders – strategies for global harmony meeting” (“an event of the Asia Pacific Writers Network, dedicated to writing, conversations and freedom of speech in the region”).

A week later I fly to Calcutta – my ninth trip to India but the first time to Calcutta. Kolkata, I should say.

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