Journal Articles since 2000

“Scene Stealers”

An article about literary borrowings and my novel With The Tiger
Review, The Weekend Australian, July 1-2, 2006, page 2

“At last a job”

Getting Smart: the battle over ideas in education, Griffith Review 11, Feb 2006, ABC Books.

*An abbreviated version of “At last a job” was published as “Just a casual, but with a weighty workload” in the Higher Education supplement of The Australian February 8, 2006 p 32-33

“Surprise Us”

Review of Kevin Brophy’s Explorations in Creative Writing. Coppertales: a Journal of Rural Arts. No. 10 2006 p90-91

“It’s the other who makes my portrait: Writing self, character and the other”

TEXT Vol 8 No. 2 October 2004

“Multiculturalism, globalisation and worldliness: origin and destination of the text”

JASAL (Journal of the Association for the Study of Australian Literature) Vol. 3 2004

“Writing, standing on your head”

Griffith Review, Winter 2004, p.245-249

“Not such bitter dreams”

The publication of Neem Dreams in India.
Australian Author Volume 34, Number 1, April 2002:p.10-16

“Fraught Territory”

Meanjin, Papua New Guinea Issue, Volume 62, number 3, 2003: p.223-229

“Sun Square Moon: Discovering Neem; Mr Ketkar”

LiNQ, Volume 29, No 2, 2002: p.74-82

“The meaning of India : Early travels”

Southerly, Volume 62, Number 1, 2002: p.152-160

“Paralipsis: money drugs and sex”

TEXT Vol 6 No 1 April 2002

“Acting Up: the new activism”

Australian writers respond to the refugee issue.
Australian Author Volume 34, Number 1, April 2002:p.10-

“Indian Specific: Letter from Madras”

Australian Author Volume 33, Number 2, August 2001: p34

“Mastered: Writing by Degrees”

Creative writing in universities
Australian Author Volume 32, Number 3, April 2000: p10-15

“Orchids: my intersex adventure”

Film review Metro Magazine No. 169 pp 86–88

“A Long Way From Katrina”

lrb blog 14 Feb 2011

“On the Brisbane River”

lrb blog

“Small Pleasures:

Looking for Love in Little Deaths” film review Metro Magazine No. 167 p. 26-29

“Het beeld van Europa”

Flemish translation of “The Idea of Europe”, PEN-Tijdingen (Belgium PEN newsletter), January 2010

“Writing Lessons: Settings”

Griffith Review Edition 26: Stories for Today” 2009

 “The academic underclass”

Griffith Review Autumn 2006 p 39-49