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3rd Newsletter from Local Time Publishing

3rd Newsletter from Local Time Publishing is now available. A bit of my news of my literary activities since the September equinox. There are links to subscribe, and to read the Newsletters 1 and 2. Responses are welcome. Here:

Torino, Italy. EACWP 21-24 September 2016

I went to Torino [Turin] for the seminar and conference of the European Association of Creative Writing Programs. A delight to be with a range of writers and teachers from several countries, attending sessions then talking and drinking a lot of good wine into the night. I gave two papers at the conference, attended many more as well as some workshops and especially enjoyed the playful yet serious, imaginative and broad-ranging approaches to Creative Writing teaching of the participants, a contrast to the publication-oriented academic approach. After the conference the final day in Turin was spent in an excursion to the nearby Venaria Reale, for a taste of olden splendour, and a Mike McCurry photographic exhibition.

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review of Ghosts Like Us

Review of Ghosts Like Us in Newtown Review of Books
“Ghosts Like Us is a sharply intellectual work, poised, and as avant-garde in its construction as the worlds it depicts. “

“Transcultural Space and the writer” in Humanities journal

My essay “Transcultural Space and the writer” has been published in the journal Humanities.

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As a long time writer, I always found, even before I began to publish, that my work was difficult to categorise, even while categories seemed essential for publication, reception and visibility. In this personal essay, I apply the notion of the transcultural to a short writing [auto]biography. The methodology adopted for this purpose is a form of autoethnography: “a form of self-reflection and writing that explores the researcher’s personal experience and connects this autobiographical story to wider cultural, political, and social meanings and understandings”1 to explore how my immigrant background and transcultural lived experience is reflected in my creative writing, and to give an account of how my literary output has been placed in various but always restrictive pre-existing categories. I am also encouraged by Mikhail Epstein’s proposed “scriptorics”, the study of the one who writes Each section of the essay is divided into two: the first sections provide a succinct version of the issues in a developing writer’s life, framed by the need for the practice and production to “belong” somewhere; the second sections take them to a posited “Transcultural Space” where the work seems more authentically to have originated and in which it seems to be more perceptively read. The result is not so much a conventional academic article as a fiction writer’s reflection on her work in the embrace of an inclusive and meaning-making realm.

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Sozopol Fiction Seminar, Bulgaria, June

I have been accepted as one of five English-language writers for the Sozopol Fiction Seminar in Bulgaria, 8-15 June 2016. A real boost, giving my current novel project a sense of certain completion.

CAL support to attend Barcelona conference; Borders and Belonging

I am happy to acknowledge a grant from CICF (Creative Individuals Career Fund) of the Copyright Agency (CAL) of Australia ( which enables me to attend the interdiscipllinary conference called “Go Between, In Between:Borders of Belonging” to be held 18-22 January at the University of Barcelona. I will be on a panel with two other writers … conference site here