Archive One:

Pieces by me,  published (before 2000) and unpublished
Pieces will be added here as they are found and scanned.

 “woman and travel: some remarks on travel and writing”

1996 Unpublished.

1996 Women and Travel

 “11 first steps: 11 attempts to begin an essay on woman and travelling”

1995 Unpublished.

1995 Eleven First Steps

“Not a love story”

1982 review of film. Unpublished.

1982 Not A Love Story

“Why I write”

1981  in No Regrets 2 (Sea Cruise Books 1981)


“Winter 1975”

1975  draft of piece that would be published in Contact, magazine of Resurgents group at Parramatta,  Prison

1975 Winter 1975


Archive Two

Published pieces. Pieces will be added as they are found and scanned.

“women writers all aboard”

1991 Portland Observer 30/8/91 pic of women on Women Writers Train tour

1991 _Women writers all aboard

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