Ebooks and PoD books

Most of my published titles are or will be available as eBooks. Some of my eBooks are available only in electronic versions.
Formats for all e-readers. Available at Smashwords.com and at Amazon’s Kindle Store.
Books published by Local Time Publishing on the Lulu platform are or will be available as ebooks at Lulu.com (I prefer you to get them at Lulu.com)
Ebooks also available at Smashwords

iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch:

Purchase through the iBooks app (tap the Store button in-app and search for Inez Baranay)


Purchase the ePub from Smashwords and drag-and-drop the file to your iDevice while it is connected to iTunes


Purchase the Kindle version and read with the Kindle app (More information)

The new The Edge of Bali and other writings (2012)

The new The Edge of Bali and other writings (2012) will be issued as an eBook by Transit Lounge.

Print On Demand editions

A series of 10 beautiful new editions of back list and new titles is being published in 2014 by Local Time Publishing. Keep checking at News Blog for news of Print On Demand editions, as well as https://www.facebook.com/Lotipu

Ebook Covers