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first review of Turn Left at Venus

The Canberra Times review includes the phrases “a rich and rewarding reading experience … a book of many pleasures” …

Turn Left At Venus: see cover and publication details here

Publication date for my novel Turn Left At Venus is 1 October 2019. Here is the link to the Turn Left At Venus page at Transit Lounge Publishing, with cover image.

Turn Left At Venus will appear in October 2019

My new novel Turn Left At Venus will be available in October 2019, published by Transit Lounge. Currently we are choosing the cover and I expect to be proof reading soon. I’ll post cover image before long and more information. There’ll be a launch in Sydney.
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APWT conference at Gold Coast, 5-8 December 2018

I’m excited to return to Gold Coast (where I lived for a few years) and Griffith University (where I did my PhD and taught Creative Writing) for the conference of the Asia Pacific Writers Translators
I’ll be on a panel called Writerly Authenticity: individual and inter-cultural considerations.

An interview at The Godless Traveler

I recently did an interview for the blog The Godless Traveler.
Here it is
Here’s the URL

New Newsletter

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Ghosts Like Us review

The (excellent) review of Ghosts Like Us by Isobel Blackthorn is now available here
It concludes:
“Ghosts Like Us is a sharply intellectual work, poised, and as avant-garde in its construction as the worlds it depicts. The avant-garde is there for what it attempts to shatter breaks and, ironically, even when the Herr Gustavs of the world seek to destroy the creative soul through jealousy and hatred, Baranay shows that the creative soul will persist, if only as a ghost like us.”

What Now? [Re-]Writing Workshop, Katoomba (new dates)

I’m looking forward to giving this workshop over two Saturday mornings in Katoomba. 5 and 12 May 2018 (note new dates)
Westwords is an organisation for writers in western Sydney and the Blue Mountains.

Workshop details here

New Local Time Publishing Newsletter coming soon. Really.

New Local Time Publishing Newsletter coming soon. Really.
Life has been full of relocations and reconnections and being back in Australia.
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“A peripatetic writer’s life” at Australian Writers Network

Literary impresario Irina Dunn (Sydney, Australia) asked me to describe my writing life for her Australian Writers Network. Click on the link below and scroll down for the result.
It starts:
I lived in Sydney for most of my first 40 years so it’s where I say I come from. I’ve lived in so many places since then I couldn’t begin to count them. Some were for a short time, but there was no other home.