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Crowdfunding to publish Sasha Soldatow biography

Drink Against Drunkenness is closer to publication. Currently, final edits and book cover ideas are being under way. It will be a print-on-demand volume, and I’m asking contributors (interview subjects) and friends to help with the set up costs.

About Sasha, about the biography, about the publishing plans, about the budget, about rewards at this link


Coming this year: Drink Against Drunkenness

Drink Against Drunkenness: the life and times of Sasha Soldatow

Haven’t sent news of this for a while. After some years of research and writing and a lot of editing, this book will be published this year, 2022, all going to plan. Here’s Sasha and me once upon a time:

Turn Left at Venus at TALT literary convention

Leigh Dale and Harper Boon gave a great insightful paper on Turn Left at Venus at the 2021 Literary Convention of called Texts and their Limits. And they invited me to be on their panel to read out the quoted parts of the novel. The discussion after it was terrific, with head-spinning layers of readings of readings. I hope they’ll soon publish their paper so I can share it. Having such readers is especially gratifying when the novel has been so scantily reviewed (so far?).

long list on literary award

Turn Left at Venus was chosen for the longlist of the Colin Roderick Award 2020. The judges said “A wise and grimly humorous novel, in which pseudo-memoir meets sci-fi, rich in allusion to classics like The Left Hand of Darkness.”

March 2020 newsletter: Equinox, equanimity, equilibrium

Click here to  link to my latest newsletter, called Equinox, equanimity, equilibrium

Turn Left At Venus at The Bookshop, Darlinghurst

The Bookshop in Darlinghurst, Sydney can be counted on for all that’s queer. Here’s the link to buying Turn Left At Venus there. The description of the book there: ”

What if there were a world where people changed gender all the time, what if there were a world of only women, what if there were a world where gender didn’t matter, what if …?

Ada Ligeti writes groundbreaking science fiction as the anonymous author A.L.Ligeti. Turn Left At Venus includes chapters about Ada’s life, from an immigrant childhood with the friend who keeps turning up, as Ada becomes a writer always on the move, from the suburbs to Kings Cross to San Francisco, Ubud, Rome, other cities… always moving on, creating a life devoted to writing, exploring desire, identity, the love of women and the lover of her old age. There are also chapters from Ligeti’s various novels; chapters where fans discovering her work argue about it on online forums and discussions; chapters where the queer tribe her work has brought together are able to create the ending to life Ada described as ideal.”

review of TL@V in SMH 27.12.2019

The review of Turn Left At Venus in the Sydney Morning Herald [full text]:

Turn Left at Venus
Inez Baranay
Transit Lounge, $29.99

Ada’s first name is pronounced ‘‘ardour’’ and her professional name as a writer is A.L. Ligeti, which at once erases gender and indicates a nod to a fellow-artist, the composer Ligeti. Ada is in the last stretch of her life, surrounded by people who know her work and are preparing to give her an appropriate send-off, and her memories swim through her elderly consciousness taking various narrative forms. Inez Baranay’s metaphysical concerns are given substance by the intense physicality of her settings and characters. Always an imaginative and intellectually uncompromising writer, using a broad canvas in her work that stretches across the world and beyond the bounds of the human, Baranay combines realism and speculative fiction in this tale of women’s friendships, the life of art, artificial intelligence, and the limits of ageing.

By Kerryn Goldsworthy

December 27, 2019 Sydney Morning Herald


Interview about Yoga+Writing workshop

Here’s a link to an interview I did for Byron Writers Festival in advance of the workshop I’m giving on 6 December 2019:

Workshop “lessons from yoga for writers” Byron Bay 6 Dec 2019

I will be giving this one-day workshop for interested people who practice both yoga and writing in Byron Bay. Here’s the link for more information and bookings:

a reading from TL@V and an interview at Narratives Library

Narratives Library is produced by Karena Wynn-Moylan. We recorded this reading from Turn Left At Venus, and a talk about it, at her studio in Bangalow.