review of TL@V in SMH 27.12.2019

The review of Turn Left At Venus in the Sydney Morning Herald [full text]:

Turn Left at Venus
Inez Baranay
Transit Lounge, $29.99

Ada’s first name is pronounced ‘‘ardour’’ and her professional name as a writer is A.L. Ligeti, which at once erases gender and indicates a nod to a fellow-artist, the composer Ligeti. Ada is in the last stretch of her life, surrounded by people who know her work and are preparing to give her an appropriate send-off, and her memories swim through her elderly consciousness taking various narrative forms. Inez Baranay’s metaphysical concerns are given substance by the intense physicality of her settings and characters. Always an imaginative and intellectually uncompromising writer, using a broad canvas in her work that stretches across the world and beyond the bounds of the human, Baranay combines realism and speculative fiction in this tale of women’s friendships, the life of art, artificial intelligence, and the limits of ageing.

By Kerryn Goldsworthy

December 27, 2019 Sydney Morning Herald