Turn Left At Venus at The Bookshop, Darlinghurst

The Bookshop in Darlinghurst, Sydney can be counted on for all that’s queer. Here’s the link to buying Turn Left At Venus there. The description of the book there: ”

What if there were a world where people changed gender all the time, what if there were a world of only women, what if there were a world where gender didn’t matter, what if …?

Ada Ligeti writes groundbreaking science fiction as the anonymous author A.L.Ligeti. Turn Left At Venus includes chapters about Ada’s life, from an immigrant childhood with the friend who keeps turning up, as Ada becomes a writer always on the move, from the suburbs to Kings Cross to San Francisco, Ubud, Rome, other cities… always moving on, creating a life devoted to writing, exploring desire, identity, the love of women and the lover of her old age. There are also chapters from Ligeti’s various novels; chapters where fans discovering her work argue about it on online forums and discussions; chapters where the queer tribe her work has brought together are able to create the ending to life Ada described as ideal.”