Casual academics article

My essay (“At Last A Job”) on the casualisation of academic teaching was published in the Autumn 2006 edition of Griffith Review (Getting Smart – The Battle for Ideas in Education).

Download here

An abbreviated version was published in the Higher Education supplement of
The Australian on 8 February 2006.

Not available online anymore, sorry. Will put it on my site.

Have had a lot of response to this one.

As a reviewer (Frank O’Shea) said “There is a grim picture painted by Inez Baranay of the exploitation of casual lecturing and teaching staff by universities. The Howard “battlers”, who have been seduced into thinking that they may prosper as a result of being able to negotiate with their bosses for an individual contract, should read how the system has been working for years in universities where the abused worked are highly educated, articulate, ambitious.”

(Canberra Times 25/02/2006 page 17)

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