Lecture in Barcelona Spain

I had been invited to give the sixth MacDermoot Lecture here on 5 October 2006.
At the “Centre d’estudies Australians, Departament of Filologia Anglesa y Alemanya” at the University of Barcelona.
The talk was called “Multiculturalism, globalisation and wordliness: reflections on being an Australian writer in Europe”.

Present were Sue Ballyn, head of the department, whom i had met in Australia and who had invited me here, many of her colleauges, a large hall of students, and Dorothy MacDermott who is credited with introducing Commonwealth studies now usually called post-colonial studies to Europe. The Dept filmed the lecture. Several interesting questions were asked… about things i had said, and about creative writing studies at univeristy which they don’t have in Spain….

And then we all went to lunch and it was quite delightful and i love Barcelona….

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