Turn Left at Venus at TALT literary convention

Leigh Dale and Harper Boon gave a great insightful paper on Turn Left at Venus at the 2021 Literary Convention

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long list on literary award

Turn Left at Venus was chosen for the longlist of the Colin Roderick Award 2020. The judges said “A wise

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March 2020 newsletter: Equinox, equanimity, equilibrium

Click here to  link to my latest newsletter, called Equinox, equanimity, equilibrium

Turn Left At Venus at The Bookshop, Darlinghurst

The Bookshop in Darlinghurst, Sydney can be counted on for all that’s queer. Here’s the link to buying Turn Left

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review of TL@V in SMH 27.12.2019

The review of Turn Left At Venus in the Sydney Morning Herald [full text]: Turn Left at Venus Inez Baranay

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Interview about Yoga+Writing workshop

Here’s a link to an interview I did for Byron Writers Festival in advance of the workshop I’m giving on

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Workshop “lessons from yoga for writers” Byron Bay 6 Dec 2019

I will be giving this one-day workshop for interested people who practice both yoga and writing in Byron Bay. Here’s

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a reading from TL@V and an interview at Narratives Library

Narratives Library is produced by Karena Wynn-Moylan. We recorded this reading from Turn Left At Venus, and a talk about

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some recent print interviews about Turn Left At Venus

All the reviews and interviews will eventually go on the Turn Left At Venus page on this site. Book Lovers

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audio interview with Paul Laverty The Quiet Carriage Main FM

I enjoyed talking with Paul Laverty on his show The Quiet Carriage on Main FM recently. https://www.mixcloud.com/thequietcarriage/the-quirt-carriage-episode-4-inez-baranay-the-bendigo-writers-festival/  

first review of Turn Left at Venus

The Canberra Times review includes the phrases “a rich and rewarding reading experience … a book of many pleasures” …

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Turn Left At Venus: see cover and publication details here

Publication date for my novel Turn Left At Venus is 1 October 2019. Here is the link to the Turn

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Turn Left At Venus will appear in October 2019

My new novel Turn Left At Venus will be available in October 2019, published by Transit Lounge. Currently we are

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APWT conference at Gold Coast, 5-8 December 2018

I’m excited to return to Gold Coast (where I lived for a few years) and Griffith University (where I did

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An interview at The Godless Traveler

I recently did an interview for the blog The Godless Traveler. Here it is Here’s the URL https://www.thegodlesstraveller.com/people/inez-baranay/

New Newsletter

The latest Local Time Publishing Newsletter can be found at this link

Ghosts Like Us review

The (excellent) review of Ghosts Like Us by Isobel Blackthorn is now available here It concludes: “Ghosts Like Us is

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What Now? [Re-]Writing Workshop, Katoomba (new dates)

I’m looking forward to giving this workshop over two Saturday mornings in Katoomba. 5 and 12 May 2018 (note new

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New Local Time Publishing Newsletter coming soon. Really.

New Local Time Publishing Newsletter coming soon. Really. Life has been full of relocations and reconnections and being back in

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“A peripatetic writer’s life” at Australian Writers Network

Literary impresario Irina Dunn (Sydney, Australia) asked me to describe my writing life for her Australian Writers Network. Click on

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a new goal at Patreon: 200 x 5

As noted below I started a page at Patreon, where patrons can support artists with small amounts (these add up,

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south India, September 2017: a transition time

After leaving Turkey I came to southern India, where I’ve spent much time in the past (settings for some of

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Latest Local Time Publishing Newsletter

Newsletter July 2017 can be found here And if you don’t already subscribe you can subscribe here: subscribe

My new page at Patreon: have a look

I created a page at Patreon.com as a way for supporters to offer material support for even a small amount

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Ventspils Writers House, July 2017

Wonderful to be back at the International Writers and Translators House in Ventspils, Latvia for a month of writing. I

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Belonging on the borders — a new essay

“Belonging on the borders” — a new essay published in Coolabah No. 21, 2017 ISSN 1998-5946 Australian Studies Centre, University

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3rd Newsletter from Local Time Publishing

3rd Newsletter from Local Time Publishing is now available. A bit of my news of my literary activities since the

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Torino, Italy. EACWP 21-24 September 2016

I went to Torino [Turin] for the seminar and conference of the European Association of Creative Writing Programs. A delight

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New Email Newsletter: Seasons, world events, life goes on, literature survives

The new email newsletter can be viewed here: http://createsend.com/t/i-84F2662D8B34E3B1 You can sign up to receive the newsletter here: https://confirmsubscription.com/h/i/C93C69C8134D3B4F


New email newsletter will come soon. Soon. Currently traveling Meanwhile, you can see the first newsletter here http://createsend.com/t/i-14E5F99B15DAB725 and sign

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review of Ghosts Like Us

Review of Ghosts Like Us in Newtown Review of Books http://newtownreviewofbooks.com.au/2016/06/09/inez-baranay-ghosts-like-us-reviewed-isobel-blackthorn/ “Ghosts Like Us is a sharply intellectual work, poised,

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“Transcultural Space and the writer” in Humanities journal

My essay “Transcultural Space and the writer” has been published in the journal Humanities. Abstract: http://www.mdpi.com/2076-0787/5/2/28/ HTML Version: http://www.mdpi.com/2076-0787/5/2/28/html PDF

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Subscribe to the email newsletter

Here is the link to subscribe to the email newsletter (it will be sent only a few times a year;

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New email newsletter for Local Time Publishing

I’ve sent out the first of an occasional newsletter about my writing and publishing activities. Here is a link where

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Sozopol Fiction Seminar, Bulgaria, June

I have been accepted as one of five English-language writers for the Sozopol Fiction Seminar in Bulgaria, 8-15 June 2016.

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CAL support to attend Barcelona conference; Borders and Belonging

I am happy to acknowledge a grant from CICF (Creative Individuals Career Fund) of the Copyright Agency (CAL) of Australia

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“Questions of Identity” paper published in JEASA

Here’s a link to my paper Questions of Identity, originally a talk at the EASA conference in Hungary. http://www.easa-australianstudies.net/node/399

Ghosts Like Us — published

3 eras, 3 women: linked by Berlin, performance art, and a poem. Ghosts Like Us is published and I am

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Ghosts Like Us my new novel

I am preparing to publish my latest novel, Ghosts Like Us. Waiting for the first proof copies. This novel has

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International Conference on Knowledge and Politics in Gender and Women’s Studies

I went to Ankara for the International Conference on Knowledge and Politics in Gender and Women’s Studies, which was scheduled

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Talks in Hungary, 29 September to 5 October 2015

I’m going to Hungary, having been invited to give a keynote talk at the conference of the European Association for

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a deal: $10 for Local Time: a memoir

Buy the book direct from me for $US10 plus shipping, by contacting me by email. Provide street address and phone

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Local Time: a memoir of cities, friendships and the writing life

Now published. Have a look. http://www.lulu.com/shop/inez-baranay/local-time-a-memoir-of-cities-friendships-and-the-writing-life/paperback/product-22343674.html And see under Books in the drop-down menu on this page. If you email

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the memoir is coming soon

“Local Time a memoir of cities, friendship and the writing life” has been a long time in preparation. Printing errors

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“Parti Kizi” — “Party Girl” in Turkish

My short story “Party Girl” [published in my book 7 Stories, 2 Novellas] has been translated by Zeynep Çiftçi Kanburoglu,

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IDEA conference, Malatya, Turkey 15-17 April 15

Just returned from the IDEA “Studies in English” conference held at Inönü university in the east-Turkey city of Malatya. http://idea2015.inonu.edu.tr/IDEA_2015_CONFERENCE/Home.html

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published: Arianna Dagnino’s Transcultural Writers and Novels in the Age of Global Mobility

Now published, Arianna’s book in which, in the context of transcultural writing, some of my work is written about with

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now, an ebook too: 7 Stories, 2 Novellas

I’ve just made the ebook for this title. http://www.lulu.com/shop/inez-baranay/7-stories-2-novellas/ebook/product-22085690.html It’s available at Lulu, iBooks and the Nook store. Ebooks of

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Ecrans Britanniques, Nimes

Enjoying the Ecrans Britanniques film festival in Nimes, south France, (27 February to 8 March 2015) where as a guest

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7 Stories, 2 Novellas: in one volume

The team at Local Time Publishing (publisher me, designer Paul Koeleman, series editor Daniel Stephensen) decided on a single volume

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Updating site! New pages for new books!

I’ve been updating this site this morning (coffee and email have also featured). Thanks to web designer Elise Clark-Higham for

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News at Local Time Publishing

Local Time Publishing’s Facebook page is another place to see posts about the new editions. See my recent post on

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Neem Dreams in a dreamy new edition

Latest from Local Time Publishing, a new edition of my 2003 novel Neem Dreams, first published in India. This edition

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Writing about not writing

I wrote about not writing to a friend who wants to be able to show this to others. You can

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Rascal Rain: a year in Papua New Guinea. New edition.

The latest title in the Local Time Publishing series is Rascal Rain, first published in 1994. It tells of a

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Menzies Centre Symposium in London 22-23 October 14

On 22 and 23 October I attended a symposium called The Future of Australian Studies held by the Menzies Centre

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new Local Time Publishing titles

Keep checking at this page for new titles in the Local Time Publishing editions of my books http://www.lulu.com/spotlight/inezb

my “rules for writers” in Turkish

I was asked to write a piece with 5 rules for writers for a Turkish blog. Here are my 5

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new review of Always Hungry at Newtown

A new review of Always Hungry at Sydney’s oldest online book review, the Newtown Review of Books. “A glamorous, seductive

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readings at Prosefest, Novi Sad, Serbia April 2014

I’ll be giving readings and talks at the “Prosefest” literary festival in Novi Sad, Serbia on 22 – 25 April

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paper at Writing Women’s Lives symposium Istanbul April 2014

I will present a paper called “Writing the Other and trans-national sensibility: perils for the novelist” at the international symposium

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With The Tiger published by Local Time Publishing

The new Local Time Publishing edition of With The Tiger has been published. It’s available at Lulu.com, here and here’s

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“Why Istanbul” in Northerly magazine

My piece “Why Istanbul” appears in the current Northerly magazine, on page 6. Link is here: http://issuu.com/nrwc/docs/eco_northerly_march2014

Updated interview at Smashwords

The Q+A I added is: Why do you also have a paper book publishing project? Some people insist they only

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Always Hungry published by Local Time Publishing

Now! See the new design! The new paper edition of Always Hungry is now available, published by LTP. It can

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Writing Istanbul Workshop

Here’s the site for my new workshop, the Writing Istanbul Workshop. Come and focus on your Istanbul experience with the

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Author page at Goodreads

I’ve just made an author page at Goodreads As the new Local Time Publishing editions become available, more will be

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Now on Twitter

I’ve begun to tweet @ZenIArab.

Local Time Publishing Facebook page

Local Time Publishing is the name of my new publishing project, which will provide good-looking, high-quality print-on-demand editions of back

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Goal reached and exceeded at Indiegogo

The crowd-funding campaign at Indiegogo exceeded the goal. Many thanks to all the contributors who have enabled the fees for

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crowdfunding to make POD books

I’ve just launched my campaign at Indiegogo. I’m raising funds to be able to publish both back list and new

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Local Time Publishing page at Facebook

I’ve made a new page at Facebook for my un-private writing and publishing life. Come by, post comments, reviews etc,

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Teaching “Writing Gothic and Speculative Fiction”

For Open Universities Australia. http://www.open.edu.au/courses/arts/griffith-university-writing-gothic-and-speculative-fiction–cwr312-2013


Binger Film Lab summer residency. 28 June to 15 August in Amsterdam. Gorgeous.

Izmir Book Fair 26 April 2013

A talk and signing at Izmir Book Fair on Friday 26 April 2013 with writer Ay?e Kulin and translator Zeynep

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Istanbul Istanbul Istanbul

January 2013. I have returned to Istanbul to live here for a very long time.

SNDT Women’s University, Mumbai. 24 Dec 12

On 24 December I was invited to the Department of English at SNDT Women’s University [Juhu Campus], Mumbai, to talk

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New interviews and readings on YouTube

New interviews and readings on YouTube. These interviews and readings recorded by and with Robin Stienberg in Singapore, 8 November

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interview in Bali Advertiser

interview by Uma Anyar in Bali Advertiser 14 November 2012 An interview with me in the current issue, found online

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The Art of Business and the Business of Art: SMU, Singapore, 7–9 Nov, 2012

I will be speaking and reading at the international conference “The Art of Business and the Business of Art” for

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Workshop in Ubud on 17 November 2012

I’ll be giving an all-day workshop in Ubud, Bali on 17 November. It will cover a range of writing issues

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Bar Luna, Ubud on 25 October

I’ll be speaking at Bar Luna in Ubud, Bali on Thursday 25 October 2012: http://www.casalunabali.com/bar-luna/ Ask me anything!

to Kalimantan, Borneo for Ubud Writers Festival

On 11 October went to Banjarmasin in South Kalimantan to meet the literary community. This is part of the new

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a review of The Edge of Bali and other writings

… “The Edge of Bali is a classic example of a book that should never have gone out of print.

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Ubud Festival is over, I’m not leaving

Ubud Writers and Readers Festival has ended and I’m not going away. It was a fantastic festival in beautiful Ubud.

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Australia India Literatures International Forum

I attended the Australia India Literatures International Forum on 3-5th September, held at the State Library of NSW in Sydney.

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News from Review of Australian Fiction (now DRM free, and other news)

Developments at RAF, which published my novella Surrealistic Pillow: Until recently, RAF has been available solely through the RAF website,

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Brisbane Writers Festival 5-10 Sept 2012

I’ll be at the Brisbane Writers Festival from 5 to 10 September. I’m giving a workshop (on character), a reading,

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Always Hungry ebook

Always Hungry is now available as an ebook at Smashwords and at Amazon’s kindle store, along with most of my

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Ubud writers & readers festival 1-7 October 2012, Bali

I will be on the program at the Ubud writers & readers festival in Bali, 1-7 October 2012 http://www.ubudwritersfestival.com/ And

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Surrealistic Pillow: a novella

My novella ‘Surrealistic Pillow’ has just been published by Review of Australian Fiction http://reviewofaustralianfiction.com/ Volume 2 Issue 4 shared with Daniel

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Coming Soon: Surrealistic Pillow at RAF

Advance news posted by Daniel: http://forgetlings.tumblr.com/post/21371375539/in-about-a-month-my-dear-friend-inez-and-i-will and the Review of Australian Fiction site is at http://reviewofaustralianfiction.com/

Izmir Institute of High Technology on 19.4.2012

On 19 April 2012 i gave a talk at Izmir Institute of High Technology at Gülbahce Urla just outside of

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“The idea of Europe” in Antipodes

My essay “The idea of Europe” is published in the December 2011 issue of Antipodes: A Global Journal of Australian/New

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Canakkale OnSekiz Mart University on 2 March 2012

I gave a talk at Canakkale OnSekiz University on Friday 2 March. Afterwards i was taken on a tour of

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new edition of The Edge of Bali 2012 with Transit Lounge

In 2012 a new edition of my 1992 novel The Edge of Bali will be published in a new edition

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lecture at Bo?aziçi Üniversitesi

Lecture at Department of Western Languages and Literature, Bogazici (Bosporus) University, Tuesday November 22

Yoga and Writing Workshop in Istanbul 4.12.11

Yoga and writing workshop in Istanbul Sunday 4 December 2011 at Yogatime http://www.yogatime.com.tr/ Here’s the info in Turkish: “BEDEN? YAZMAK”

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Kaplanla Yan Yana

Kaplanla Yan Yana is the title of the Turkish translation of With The Tiger, just published by Everest Yayinlari (Istanbul);

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Istanbul ! Istanbul! Istanbul!

That’s where i am now. Could stay for a very long time …